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Top 10 Most Expensive Cars to Maintain Over 10 Years

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Top 10 Most Expensive Cars to Maintain Over 10 Years

Acording to Your Mechanic the top 20 most expensive automobile models are all priced over $10,000 to maintain for 10 years. The estimates also include costly one-off expenses like an engine rebuild that makes the typical more. It’s still worth looking for the top 10 costliest car models to keep for 10 years in the event that you’re trying to avoid any of them. Be aware that this is based on cars that are at or above 10 years old and having online presence with help of Digital Marketing Agency In India. Therefore, there could be improvements to the models before. 

01.Subaru Forester
Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester Subaru Forester is priced at an average price of $12,000 to keep in the course of 10 years. Your Mechanic has also grouped all the years of all models by brand to determine the average cost for an automaker to maintain for 10 years. Subaru was ranked 19th in the overall rankings (out from 30 carmakers) and an estimate of maintenance cost of $8,200 over a period of 10 years.

02. Mazda6


With a price of 12700 dollars to keep it running for 10 years The Mazda6 ranks 9th. The Japanese automaker ranked 24th overall but is one of the most affordable automakers with the cost of $7,500.

03. Audi A4

Audi A4 Quattro

Audi A4 Quattro Audi A4 Quattro is ranked eighth with maintenance costs of $12,000 over 10 years. It’s not surprising that the German automaker came in fifth for its brands, with an expense of $12,000 to maintain for 10 years.

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04. Ram 1500

Ram 1500

It’s the RAM 1500 truck is the one pickup to be in the top 20 that costs $13,300 over the course of 10 years. Your Mechanic did not have an analysis of the Ram brand, however it’s possible that it was placed in with Dodge and came in 10th overall, and had an annual maintenance expense of $10,600.

05. Audi Q3

Audi Q3

It is the Audi Q3 is a sharp and compact crossover that receives a number of favorable reviews, and is at the second-generation stage. If you’re looking to buy a vehicle in this class be aware that the Audi brand is a luxury in terms of parts cost and labor costs (see the first theme above). Even though it’s less than half the size of the Q7, don’t anticipate to pay the same amount to get an oil replacement or 15,000 miles service. In addition, despite the fact that Q3s are produced in China do not think you’ll pay the same costs for your Audi components, as everything has an German logo is offered at German prices. The Q3 is an excellent small car, but those charges for maintenance will be some bite. Find Audi Q3 maintenance costs here.

The Average Price at New Average Price When New: $37,070

10-Year Maintenance/Repair Costs: $11,957

Maintenance/Repair Costs As Percent Of New Price: 32.3 Percent

06. Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent is a low-cost new car to buy that has an average cost of around $17,000. But, regular maintenance and repairs can cost around one-third of that amount over the course of a decade and make the Accent among the most expensive entry-level vehicles to maintain. The fact that the fact that an average Accent loses more than 50% of its value during the first five years of operation which suggests to us that the entry-level price does not compensate for the high depreciation and maintenance expenses. Perhaps the Accent isn’t so cheap in the end. Find Hyundai Accent Cost of Maintenance here.

The Average Price when New The average price is $17,348
10-Year Maintenance/Repair Costs: $5,786
Maintenance/Repair Costs As Percent Of New Price: 33.4 Percent

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07. Nissan Kicks

Nissan Kicks

We have no desire to drive the Kicks. Although the price for entry may appear appealing, we have calculated that it’s going to cost you more than $7000 to maintain it over a 10-year time frame, and only be worth around six thousand dollars at the close of the 10-year time. Therefore, the issue to consider should be… “how do you think would you like to invest in on maintaining a vehicle which will be valued at $6,000 when you are taking good care of it or $5,000 if do not.” Although we wouldn’t suggest to not maintain the vehicle you drive, it might consider reconsidering the necessity of changing an air conditioner in the car after 15,000 miles. Read about Nissan Reduces Maintenance Costs here.

Average Cost When New: $21,42810-Year. Maintenance and Repair Costs $7,304
Maintenance/Repair Costs As Percent Of New Price: 34.1 Percent

08. Ford Eco Sport

Ford EcoSport

If you’re looking for the cost of maintenance, Ford may want to change the name of their compact entry-level model to “Eek-o-Sport,” as maintenance and repairs will take a large chunk of any savings you receive when you purchase the vehicle. Similar to Nissan Kicks above, the EcoSport is estimated to cost around $9,000 over the course of 10 years, yet it will be worth less than $6,000 at time the 10 years are over. It’s not a very good return on your investment in a car and you might think about alternatives in the same price bracket. Check out Ford EcoSport’s Maintenance costs here.

Average Price at New Price: $25,531
10-Year Maintenance/Repair Costs: $8,743
Repair and maintenance costs as a percentage of the Price New: 34.2 Percent

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09. BMW X3


When I talk about this review of the BMW X3, I refer to the original concept in our introduction, in which we state that if you need a basic model of the top manufacturer, it’s likely to cost you. It’s true that the X3 is an extremely fine car, and we do not have any problems with its style, performance, or dependability. If you do decide to buy an X3, you should be prepared for significant service expenses as well as costly repairs and an astronomical depreciation. If you believe you’ll save money by purchasing a smaller vehicle then think twice as the long-term financial cost of the X3 may excite you but not in a positive way. Check out BMW X3 Maintenance Costs here.

Average Price at New Average Price When New: $49,154
10-Year Maintenance/Repair Costs: $17,878
Maintenance/Repair Costs As Percent Of New Price: 36.4 Percent

10. Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegade

The Renegade is not an actual Jeep however it sports the Jeep logo and Jeep grille and you purchase the vehicles and have them maintained by Jeep dealers. In addition however, the Renegade is expensive to maintain and repair, and is expected to cost more than $10,000 over 10 years. In order to put it in perspective the Ford Expedition is expected to cost around $600-700 less during the same time period. Therefore, the Renegade is able to pack a significant amount of maintenance and service costs inside a compact SUV which isn’t cheap. Find Jeep Renegade Maintenance Costs here.

The Average Price at New Average Price When New: $27,256
10-Year Maintenance/Repair Costs: $10,177
Maintenance/Repair Costs As Percent Of New Price: 37.3 Percent


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