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5 CNG Car Maintenance Tips You Really Need to Know

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5 CNG Car Maintenance Tips You Really Need to Know

CNG Cars are growing popular day by day in India. Owing to the rising fuel prices, CNG has emerged as an economical and feasible choice. However, CNG cars require additional care, attention, and service.

If you own a CNG vehicle, here are 5 CNG Car Maintenance Tips that you should know about:

Regular Servicing

Like any car, CNG Cars require regular servicing and maintenance. The components in your CNG vehicle are gradually affected by wear and tear. To prevent unwanted trouble, it’s important to get a General Car Servicing done regularly. This will also include inspection, cleaning, and/or replacing the:

  • Air Filter.
  • Throttle Body.
  • Reducer Filter Cartridge.
  • Low-Pressure Filter Cartridge, etc.

Check the Spark Plug & the Tank:

The Spark Plug in CNG Cars wear out faster compared to petrol-run engines. It’s important to check and clean the spark plugs and replace them regularly. You should also inspect the CNG tank periodically and check for bulges, dents, or leaks. If you’re facing any issue with your CNG vehicle, call CarFixo for a Free Car Inspection at your doorstep.

Renew CNG Compliance Plate Periodically:

Renew your CNG Compliance Plate periodically. This is essential for legal as well as safety purposes. Get your CNG Cylinder and the components checked by a government-certified agency. The agency will provide you with a test report along with a new CNG Compliance Plate. This will ensure that your CNG car is in proper condition and will also help you avoid fines.

Use the Auto Mode:

If your car has a factory-fitted CNG or a sequential CNG kit installed, always use the Auto Mode in your car. Auto Mode enables your car’s ECU to decide when to switch on to CNG fuel based on the engine’s temperature. If your car has a non-sequential CNG kit, run on petrol for at least 4-5 kilometres before switching to CNG. This improves engine life.

Park in a Shade:

Make sure that you always park your car under shades. CNG contains gasoline, which evaporates faster in high heat. Opting to park in a shade will ensure that the tank doesn’t empty out quickly.

These were 5 essential CNG Car Maintenance tips that you need to know about. You can also get your CNG Car serviced through a top-rated and reputed Car Maintenance Service like CarFixo easily, conveniently, and at affordable rates.


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Best Affordable & fast car repair service in mumbai highly recommended

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