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How to Increase CNG Performance in Your Cars

How to Increase CNG Performance in Your Cars

When we talk about alternative sources of fuel for India, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is the first thought. There are a lot of taxis powered by CNG in the country, and there are a few who purchase CNG vehicles to use for personal reasons. CNG kit fitting in Mumbai offers many benefits, but the main benefit is mileage. The gasoline and diesel costs are rising every day and will continue to increase in the coming years. This is why people began searching for alternatives, and CNG vehicles became quite popular.

India is making more efforts to reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel use, and Benefits of CNG Cars in India is receiving more interest as a less expensive and sustainable fuel option.

But do CNG cars have a great image now? This is due to the belief that they do not require any maintenance, which is entirely incorrect! Whatever the fuel type, the vehicle needs the proper care to provide more remarkable or increase CNG performance in your cars.

Tips to Increase CNG Performance in Your Cars

1. Clean or Replace Air Filter

Oxygen is among the essential gases for all living things, and your car is not the exception. The engine requires sufficient oxygen to give you the best performance with less fuel for a productive combustion process. A faulty air filter can drastically decrease your car’s fuel efficiency and will impede the goal. Check your car’s air filter regularly. Interval and wash it regularly to ensure it is operating smoothly. We suggest changing the air filter in your vehicle every 5000kms for the most effective results. Air filters also don’t cost a lot to clean or replace

2. Examine the CNG tank

Leakage of any kind in a fuel tank can be a risk indicator. Ensure that your CNG hydro test cylinder is a must nowadays and should be done at any time. Also, please don’t use your vehicle for a long time on low CNG since it damages the valves and could result in explosive situations in the worst-case scenario. Not to be left out, it is recommended to change the valves on your cylinder when you notice that your valves are old or damaged. A damaged CNG tank can put your life and others’ lives in danger.

3. Check for leaks

If you buy a CNG kit that is installed locally, you are at risk of causing damage to your vehicle. Additionally, if the CNG kit becomes old or is made of local components, there could be a leakage in the pipe that connects to the cylinder. This could lead to a loss of gas and possibly a decrease in the mileage of your car. To ensure you get the maximum performance from your vehicle, it is recommended to inspect your vehicle for leaks regularly. This can improve your vehicle’s performance and decrease the chance of accidents.

4. Service is required frequently

It might seem obvious, yet many people don’t do it. Maintaining your vehicle on time will increase the mileage of your car. If the engine and your gas system are well maintained, the performance of your car increases.
Like cars, the CNG kit requires regular maintenance. It doesn’t matter if your service center fitted the CNG kit or whether the company has already fitted it, and routine inspection and maintenance are required.

5. Change in performance of the car

The CNG kit installed on your car could result in an essential change in performance. In the original diesel or petrol-powered car, the fuel acts as a lubricant for the valve and engine, which prevents corrosion and keeps the condition of the motor. But, CNG cannot do that. What happens? The CNG-powered car will require more trips to the repair shop than your petrol-powered car. Suppose the car you are driving is CNG-powered. In that case, there won’t be any issues with performance as the manufacturer has already considered the possibility of corrosion issues and taken steps to prevent it.


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