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Top 10 Safe Driving Tips

Top 10 Safe Driving Tips

Top 10 Safe Driving Tip

Safety should be the top priority on your list of priorities when driving regardless of whether it is for you and your passengers, pedestrians or drivers. Consider it two-pronged approach – better habits of driving and heeding safety tips when driving. If you make the smart choice to drive safe you must take certain precautions and make sure you take the appropriate steps. This is true for both novice and experienced drivers.
Let’s talk about our top road safety suggestions every driver should be aware of to be safe while driving:

01. Stay focused

It’s likely that you’ve heard that breaking a bad habit or making a positive change requires dedication and setting goals. The scientific consensus is to commit at minimum the duration of three months to not using your mobile even during your drive to end the habit. Keep it in your trunk, glove box or in your bag any other place that is away from reach.

02. Do not drive in a bad mood

While it can sometimes be easier said than done, when you’re behind the wheel, you shouldn’t let you mood influence the way you drive. This goes for both good moods and bad moods. When you buckle up your seat belt (which you should be doing every time you get in the car) and get out onto the road, you need to make sure that the task at hand is first and foremost in your thoughts. When you fail to do this, you’re opening yourself up to potentially damaging and dangerous situations that you be trying to avoid.

03. Stop on Red

Traffic signals are issued via devices that are usually located in important places like busy intersections, to control circulation of vehicles which ranges from commercial vehicles and automobiles to pedestrians and bicycles. But, they have certain rules that are associated with them. In essence, the traffic signal rules are the foundation of these signals and observing them is crucial to ensure safe and secure road travel.

4. Don’t drink and drive

Yes, it most certainly is! As per Section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act 2019, it is illegal to drive when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is considered a criminal offence.

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports that just between 2018 and 2020, drunk driving led to over 38,000 road accidents. This is around 2% of all the road accidents that happened in India. And, in 2019 alone, nearly 3,000 people died in such accidents, while 6,675 were seriously injured.

05. Take a break

If you’re planning to go out on a long trip ensure you plan stops every two hours. it’s a straightforward road safety rule that is a good idea for road trips. The one thing you don’t want to do is be exhausted when driving. It can cloud your judgment of the traffic ahead and can increase the speed of your reaction neither of which is the best thing.

06.Make adjustments

When it is raining, snowing or fog, snow, rain or fog, you must be extra cautious to ensure the safety of drivers and adhere to the guidelines to remain secure in any scenario. For example, if it’s snowing or raining in the vicinity where you’re driving, turn off your lights for fog to alert other drivers be aware that you are at the intersection. While you’re at it maintain a slower speed than normal, while maintaining an plenty of distance from the vehicle ahead of you. doing this will permit you to brake with confidence.


07. Read the road

Reading the road is vital, and this ‘reading’ takes into account not only the road but also the vehicle you’re driving.
How fast you can travel on suitable surfaces is usually down to factors other than just road quality, like the weight of your vehicle and the condition of its tyres.
Vision is critical for safe cruising, yet it’s surprising how few drivers slow down at night or when the road is wet. Night driving in the bush is fraught with danger, and dusk is worse.

08. Be prepared

Before departure it’s important that the vehicle and its load are in optimum condition. That way you’ve done everything possible to guarantee reliability and reduce hold-ups.

Try to avoid time pressures, by having some ‘fat’ incorporated in your schedule. Allowing more time means that you don’t have to drive with ‘pedal to the metal’ for the entire trip.

Up-tight drivers sometimes have nightmare journeys.

09. Pay Attention to Other Drivers

No matter how safely you drive, you always have to pay attention to other drivers. You can obey all the laws and still have someone crash into you. The only natural way to handle this is to be prepared for anything. Expect sudden stops, swerving, tailgating, unpredictable or unsigned lane changes and turns and every other bad driving behavior you can think of.

There is no way to list them all. Common examples would include: being prepared for other drivers to not stop at a stop sign, even when you have the right of way. Don’t trust turn signals when you are pulling out into oncoming traffic. Always remember to check your mirrors and be away from what is happening in front of you and on the road around you.

10. Maintain Vehicle Safety

Maintaining your vehicle is important. It helps to extend the life of the vehicle, but it also keeps your vehicle safe. Most states require an annual safety inspection, but it is important to maintain the vehicle in between inspections. A common issue is improper tire pressure. Tire pressure that is uneven, too high or too low can cause a blowout which could cause an accident. It is important to keep this checked and maintain a correct tire pressure. Another essential aspect of your car’s safety is the breaks. If you notice any issues at all when breaking, you should have your breaks checked by a mechanic as soon as possible.    Read More

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