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Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars

The world at large has finally known the real fact that fossil fuel vehicles are one of the major problems of increased global warming and pollution in the area of the world. With increasing population and commercialization, this problem is going to worse in the world. Electric vehicles have the solution to this rising problem in the world. While the technology is promoted worldwide due to its zero pollution characteristic, it also has some disadvantages in starting time which has increased the adoption of electric cars worldwide. There are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars in India

Advantages of electric cars

1. Cost of electric cars

Long-term driving, electric cars are becoming popular in the Indian Market. This is a great investment for the people who looks for a cheap electric car and a more efficient way to get around. The cost of the electric car is normal petrol or diesel engine car but it also depends on the type, model, material, and features of the car. It also happens with electric cars. But electric cars are more cost-effective and also for the long term. The battery life of the electric car is as long as the capacity of a lithium-ion battery which is good for the long term.

2. Maintenance of electric cars

The range and maintenance cost of an electric car is more affordable than that of normal petrol or diesel car. With tax incentives and social government grants to enhance fuel-efficiency, the cost of electric cars is lower than normal cars repair and the required maintenance is also normal. Electric cars are efficiently designed and have the main three components: the onboard charger, the inverter, and the motor. The electric car required minimum service charges and also minimum repairing charges

3. Electric cars on the environment

The fully electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions which help to maintain nature cleaner and greener. There is zero chance of pollution with an electric car. The greenhouse gases cannot be emitted due to the absence of the tailpipe in the electric car which gives a sustainable environment along with less use of non-renewable energy sources. Electric cars are environmentally friendly and also have less noise pollution.

4. Charging of electric cars

The electric car is worked on the battery. The charging of an electric car means the charging of the level of the battery of the car repair. It will be charged the battery at your home while parking. The charging of a battery is cost-efficient, fast, and also simple in electric cars. Electric cars can be charged like a mobile by sampling plugging in the charging cable when the cars are parked up. The fully charged time of an electric car is something around 8 to 10 hours.

5. Driving experiences

The driving of an electric car is very easy and comfortable. An electric car is fully comfortable than a normal fuel car. The electric car has instant torque which means that the driver has the power at their fingertips while driving. If you press the accelerator, it gives an instant boost to the speed of the car. Since the battery of an electric car is on its floor, it provides weight distribution in the car and balance. In the world of car, the electric car provides a comfortable driving method, and also the safety measure is available in electric cars to have a safe drive while you driving

Disadvantages of electric cars

1. Limited choices

Since the electric car or Vehicle is new in the market as compared to the older fuel car or vehicle, hence it has limited models that can operate efficiently. The electric car industry will be able to replace the fuel car in the future but as of now, it has minimum options for electric cars.

2. Sometimes charging is tricky

In case of a very long drive, charging the battery can be a problem. because the petrol pumps are any place but the electric car charging points are not available in many places. Hence, sometimes it may create problems for the charging. The road can also be difficult for the electric cars as it is a very low chance to find a changing station on the side of the root.

3. Running range

The distance covered by an electric car with a fully charged battery is less compared to fuel cars. An electric car is travel 60 to 100 miles on a full charge of battery but you can find the fuel station in every area and city. The fuel cars covered the distance of 400 miles at the full tank.

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