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Difference Between a Garage Mechanic and a Mobile Mechanic

Difference Between a Garage Mechanic and a Mobile Mechanic

Mobile mechanics are growing in popularity throughout India, and more and more drivers use them for repairs and replacements to their vehicles. Since both mobile mechanics and garages can perform similar work to cars, what are the primary distinctions between a garage mechanic and a mobile mechanic?

Advantages of a garage mechanic

More knowledge and experience

If a shop has multiple mechanics working at the moment, you’ll have more knowledge and experience. Each mechanic is a specialist in their area of expertise in the field, whether it’s an engine component or a specific model car, and you’re more likely to find an expert with the expertise you require.

Speedier service

In the same way that working by yourself could make mobile mechanics a slow process, having a few hands-on hands to help tear down or hold components may help speed things up.

It is more likely that you will be able to book an appointment
Physical garages have more staff members to take your vehicle to. In general, garages will be able to have four times the number of cars per day than mobile mechanics could. If you’re experiencing a complex or urgent problem in your vehicle, you’ll most likely need to call the garage mechanic instead of an auto mechanic on the move. Most of the time, you’ll book your vehicle in on within the hour.

A garage that is fixed will tend to be more reputable

A physically located garage can be described as “stuck” in the place it’s situated, and there’s more responsibility on it to treat its customers – as well as their vehicles – in a way that they can get repeated business and good reviews.

However, consumers have more control today because of online reviews. Whether mobile or otherwise, every mechanic needs to provide positive reviews from previous customers on their website, or customers could be dissuaded from using them. Carfixo is a global network of a reliable garage and mobile mechanics. Therefore, any quote you receive from us comes from an experienced service supplier.

Disadvantages of a fixed garage

Fixed garages are more costly than mobile mechanics

Fixed garages have higher costs than mobile mechanics, which is evident in their prices. Selected garages have rent or a mortgage that is due for the property and different rates for business such as wages, rent, and other expenses, so to offer an efficient and diverse service, it needs to be more expensive than mobile mechanics.

You’re limited to one place

Driving your car to the exact location each time you need repairs is possible. However, having to go your vehicle to any place could be a hassle, particularly when you’re at work or unable to easily access garages.

However, it could be worth the trip due to the speed of service and the skills of the staff, mainly if the garage will haul your vehicle and return it to you.

The final decision between a garage and mobile mechanic is based on the service you’re looking for and your timetable. The mobile mechanic could be ideal if you need a fast, routine repair or service repair. If you’re on the other side, you require professional service that involves many tools, and the garage could be your ideal choice.

Mobile Mechanic

A mobile mechanic is just what it is on the label! A certified mechanic can visit any place to complete repairs, services, or MOT. The mechanic on your mobile can be there to repair your vehicle in your home or the workplace; however, they can’t operate on your car from the roadside due to safety concerns. If you have a breakdown or require an auto repair at the roadside, it’s a task for experts in recovery and breakdown services such as the AA.

Advantages of a Mobile Mechanic

Mobile mechanics are more adaptable

Being mobile means that your mechanic will be there for you no matter where you are. If you’re working, the mechanic might visit your office to check the battery and replace it, not disrupting your schedule. If you’re at home and you aren’t able to access the garage due to any reason having a mechanic visit your home makes life simpler.

Mobile mechanics are less expensive

Mobile mechanics are generally more affordable than an established garage. However, this isn’t because their work isn’t as good, so do not be concerned! Mobile mechanics are less expensive than garage-based mechanics since they have fewer expenses. There’s no garage to cover or insurance and wages for anyone else than themselves, and no equipment to buy apart from their own; therefore, they can pass on these savings to their customers.

Disadvantages of a Mobile Mechanic

The range of services they offer is less extensive than a garage mechanic.

A garage with a physical location can store a wide range of tools needed for various tasks and even different car models, while mobile mechanics carry a few tools with them to their jobs even if they have an area to store more. It’s also possible that they might have a broader knowledge than a garage with an entire staff. They’re proficient in their field, but they’re not able to do everything, as opposed to garages where all mechanics specialize in their area of expertise. If you’re planning to hire a mobile mechanic, be sure that they’re equipped with the tools and knowledge to fix the issue with your vehicle before you hire them, or else you’ll be wasting everyone else’s time.

The mobile mechanic can often direct them to an associated or physical garage; if they cannot assist you on their own, Don’t be afraid to inquire. An auto repair shop generally employs a mobile mechanic and can build an associate network, each with their specialization.

Mobile Mechanic may be more prone to delays than garages.

Being on your own can mean that the job will take a little longer than when there was a garage apprentice available to assist with everyday tasks if the mechanic on the move discovers something new that they haven’t equipped with the right tools and you’re in need or schedule an appointment with another mechanic or request your vehicle to be transported to a garage in person instead.

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