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Things to Know Before Installing for a CNG Kit in Your Car

Things to Know Before Installing for a CNG Kit in Your Car

In the wake of rising inflation rates, which is causing an increase in vehicle and fuel costs, We must look for efficient and economical alternatives. CNG is among the most well-known options in this area, and knowing its significance and use in the long term will allow you to reap its advantages. Contrary to diesel and petrol, CNG kit fitting in Mumbai is exceptionally affordable. So making use of CNG in your vehicle can assist you in saving money on your fuel usage and reduce your travel expenses. If you are Installing CNG Kit, Things to Know Before Installing for a CNG Kit in Your Car.

What Is The CNG Kit?

Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) is a gas fuel type that is highly environment-friendly. CNG is a substitute for diesel and petrol at a low cost.

If you would prefer using CNG as a fuel option for your vehicle, you can buy CNG cars, CNG cars or a CNG kit, put it into your vehicle, and lower the fuel price significantly. Additionally, you can buy CNG from an independent retailer at a low cost, and it comes with a refilling valve Electric Control Unit, pressure gauge, etc. But, before purchasing the most effective CNG Kit, Things to Know Before Installing for a CNG Kit in Your Car.

 CNG Kit Installation

If you are planning to install a CNG kit into your vehicle, be sure to purchase the kit at a CNG station that has been certified and approved by the federal government. It is recommended to install Italian Sequential CNG kits since they are considered the top quality kits. Installing the CNG kit requires a professional and skilled technician, which is why authorised dealers are highly recommended. There are a lot of unlicensed centres that offer CNG kits, which could cause harm to your car. It is essential to ensure that the facility that performs installing the CNG kit in your vehicle can complete the required documentation and insurance, as the warranty on the car will be void after the installation has begun.

Different Types Of CNG Kits

Two kinds of CNG kits are available on the market, and you can select one according to your car’s compatibility and affordability.

Venturi CNG Kit

This is a budget-friendly alternative and a simple to install kit compared with other kits on the market. It’s suitable for all cars, carburettor or fuel-injected driven vehicles, and it can be installed without the Electronic Control Unit. This kit, however, requires frequent cleaning and requires professional assistance. It may seem inexpensive in the short term, and however, it will cost a lot over a long time.

Sequential CNG Kit

According to automotive experts, they recommend this is a better alternative. It is equipped with an Electronic Control Unit to control the flow of CNG gas to the engine unit. This can result in improved mileage. This kit, however, is only compatible with fuel injection supported vehicles, and it is difficult to install.

CNG Kit Safe for Your Car

Installing the CNG kit is safe since it has a high auto-ignition temperature. Its temperature is around 540 degrees Celsius compared to the 360-degree Celsius of gasoline. This reduces the chance of your vehicle catching on fire. Also, it releases less carbon dioxide, which makes it greener than diesel and petrol.

Another question is whether refuelling a tank is secure or not. Yes, it is. It is produced following specific international standards, and a Chief Controller approves it, and explosives also have approval before it is put on the market.

Mileage Capacity of a CNG Kit-equipped Vehicle

The mileage range for CNG-equipped cars is contingent on the make and model and the driving habits. But, a cylinder that has a 50-litre capacity for water carrying holds an average of 9 kg of CNG, and it’s equivalent to up to 12.5 litres of gasoline. It permits driving between 150 and 160 km with an engine’s capacity of 1300CC for the medium-sized vehicle.
An electronic fuel gauge incorporated on your car’s dashboard can help you determine the amount of CNG is within the cylinder.


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