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Tata Company CNG Cars in India

Tata Company CNG Cars in India

CNG vehicles are becoming well-liked within this Indian market. Due to the ever-increasing prices for fuel and the general increase in the cost of ownership, buyers have begun to look at eco-friendly mobility options like CNG bi-fuel cars and even electric vehicles. Tata Motors has launched its collection of Tata Company CNG Cars in India. Tata Motors will soon expand the model range of its three top-selling cars, including the Tigor compact car, Nexon small SUV Tiago, and Altroz hatchbacks. The four models will all receive the CNG variants within months. This post brings you the top four most efficient CNG cars manufactured by TATA Company for 2022.

Top 4 Tata Company CNG Cars in India

1. Tata Tigor CNG

Tiago CNG, Tata Motors has also introduced Tigor CNG to India The CNG version of the Tata Tigor has the same performance characteristics such as power, engine, and mileage similar to Tiago CNG. Tiago CNG. However, since it is a sedan, It has a distinct style and appearance. The CNG version is powered by a 1.2-liter three-cylinder naturally-aspirated petrol engine, producing 72 horsepower and 90 Nm of torque. At the time of sale for Tata Tigor CNG, the price is Rs 7.72 lakh, ranging from 8.44 lakh. 8.44 lakh.

2. Tata Tiago CNG

Tata Motors recently ventured into the CNG segment of vehicles by launching The Tiago CNG. It’s powered by the 1.2-liter three-cylinder naturally-aspirated bi-fuel petrol engine that generates 72 hp and 95 Nm of maximum torque. It’s mated with an automatic 5-speed gearbox, and the claimed mileage is 26.49 km/kg. The cost of the ex-showroom version of Tiago CNG is 6.12 Lakhs.

3. Tata CNG cars- Altroz

Altroz was recently seen sporting the emission kit. It is among the most luxurious hatchbacks available across the nation, and it is renowned for its striking style and safety. A CNG engine could help attract more clients, and there will be no CNG competitors in its market. Pricing for Altroz Altroz starts at 7.00 lakh, goes up to 7.00 lakh, and increases to 11.55 lakh.

4. Nexon

Nexon has been raking in lots in sales Tata. At present, it is the top-selling Tata vehicle in India. The Nexon is excellent in safety, engine options, and features in terms of overall performance. A CNG kit makes it an even better cost-effective alternative. When you consider that Maruti is working on Brezza Brezza using CNG, Tata can counter this by using Nexon CNG. The cost of Nexon CNG Nexon begins at Rs 8.86 lakh and goes up to 16.14 lakhs. 16.14 lakhs.

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