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Where Should I Get My Car CNG Fitting Done

Where Should I Get My Car CNG Fitting Done

CNG, also known as Compressed Natural Gas, is an eco-friendly gaseous fuel. The most commonly used option in India currently for diesel and petrol vehicle owners is to buy compressed natural gas (CNG) kit installed in their vehicle. It’s an economical alternative to diesel and petrol. To reduce costs, it is possible to buy CNG kits from an online retailer and then install it into your vehicle to cut down on the expense of fuel. The kit comes with components installed inside a car and runs using CNG kit fitting in Mumbai. This is a comprehensive discussion about the CNG kit’s cost, the installation procedure, and other information if you are considering installing this kit into your car but Where Should I Get My Car CNG Fitting Done?

Installation Guide for the CNG Kit

If you consider converting your car powered by petrol to a CNG powered vehicle, be sure to get it done at a reputable garage known for their expertise in this task. Please do not attempt to install the CNG kit by yourself because it has a lot of dangerous components, and even a tiny error could lead to gas leaks or other accidents. After you have your CNG kit successfully installed, make sure that you maintain your vehicle regularly and fill your vehicle with the specific fuel that CNG equipped cars require. Be aware that the use of CNG as fuel can negatively impact your car’s efficiency.

Installation and Maintenance Costs

A CNG kit requires a substantial initial investment and will cost you anywhere from 50,000 to 60, based on the car and the model of your vehicle. The good thing is that the exact cost can be recouped in 3 to 5 years due to the lower operating cost than fuel.

However, while the CNG kit is fuel-efficient and affordable over the long term, it can affect its performance on your vehicle leading to lower performance and speed. The expense of maintenance will be higher when you compare it to diesel and petrol.

Different types of CNG Kits

Also, think about whether you are sure that your CNG kit will work with your car or not. There are two kinds of CNG kits on the market:

1. Venturi CNG KitΒ 

This is a budget-friendly option that is easy to install compared to other options on the market. It’s suitable for all vehicles, whether it is a fuel-injected or a carburettor driven vehicle. It is also possible to install it without the Electronic Control Unit. But, the kit requires regular cleaning, which requires professional assistance.

2. Sequential CNG Kit

Sequential Kit for CNG experts in the field of automobiles recommend this as a better alternative. It comes with an Electronic Control Unit to control the flow of CNG gas to the engine unit. This will result in better mileage. However, this kit is not ideal for

Where can I find My Car CNG Fitting Done?

CarFixo is a renowned CNG kit fitting company in Mumbai and CNG kit installation. If you are interested in finding your CNG Kit fitted in Mumbai, You require an expert vehicle CNG kit fitting service. CarFixo provides high- excellent CNG Kit fitting and CNG Kit Installation in Mumbai.

A standard CNG Kit is a simple configuration that does not have a computer or ECU that controls the flow of fuel into the engine. It is also a Sequential CNG kit. However, the Carfixo CNG Kit Installation in Mumbai is installed on vehicles with an electronically controlled fuel injection system.


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